Calorie Conscious Meal Plans.


Our Meal Plans

Calorie Conscious

These calorie-controlled meals are ideal for steady and sustained weight loss and balanced macronutrients to maintain health and vitality.


These wholesome meals are designed for those maintaining body weight and wanting wholesome, healthy, nutritionally balanced, delicious meals.

Have delicious, portion controlled ready meals delivered to your door twice weekly.

How Eat Smart Can Benefit You

Eat Smart food doesn’t just taste good – it benefits your everyday life! We pay close attention to the balance of vitamins and other nutrients to fulfils your health needs.
Whole foods for the whole day
Feed your cravings with deliciously real food. Naturally rich ingredients, bursting with flavour, macro-nutrients and balanced calories that will optomise your health, fitness and lifestyle.
Take back your week
No traffic. No checkouts. No cooking. No cleaning. The average person spends 37 hours a month on food- shopping cooking and cleaning. Use your new found time doing something you love.
Taste the feel-good life
We are chefs and foodies. We are dedicated to creating food that is thoughtfully sourced, taste-tested and absolutely delicious. Consider your meal pre done.
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