How will I know what each meal contains?

All our meals are labelled with full ingredients list, nutritional information & kcal. You will also find this information listed on the website when you click into each dish.

What ingredients are used?

We use locally sourced Irish ingredients where possible, all our meat is Guaranteed Irish.

Is the food fresh or frozen?

All our meals are prepared fresh to order, using the best ingredients and cooked by our fantastic team of chefs.

How do I store and reheat my meals?

Meals should be stored in the fridge below 5 degrees to ensure shelf life and quality. You can eat hot or cold, if you are reheating make sure to pierce the lid of the container and heat until piping hot all the way through, at least 3 minutes @ 700 wats.

Can I freeze my own meals?

Yes, all meals with the exception of salads and some breakfasts are freezer-friendly. When defrosting leave for a natural defrost in your fridge overnight and when heating use the same instructions as above.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

Yes, we can usually accommodate specific requirements. Allergen advice is available for each meal. Please note we do not operate an Allergen Free environment. We make every effort and use best practices to avoid cross contamination, but we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any cross contamination with your meals. 

If you suffer from food allergies, we encourage you to contact us ahead of time as we are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have and inform you which meals are suitable.

Is the packaging recyclable?

All of our packaging is recyclable except for the plastic film used to seal the trays, we are currently working to source recyclable film.

Storage instructions:

Remove the meals from your chilled package and place in the fridge as soon as possible. Keep below 5 degrees and consume before the best before date stated on the label.

Heating instructions:

Our trays are microwave friendly. Pierce the plastic film covering your meal before placing it in the microwave for 3 minutes, or until piping hot.

Choosing a Meal Plan for You

Simply choose from one of our two meal plans:

Our Meal Plans are designed for those wanting healthy, nutritionally balanced, delicious meals.  We have 2 options for you to choose from. Our plan with 15 meals gives you 3 meals for 5 days, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner and our plan with 10 meals provides you with Lunch & Dinner for 5 days, 

Our menus can be viewed week in advance, they are updated every Friday at 12 noon. Don’t worry if there is a meal you don’t like, you can easy mix and match dishes within that week’s menu. 

Can I choose my own meals?

Of course, if you choose to go with our 15-meal plan you can choose a combination of any 5 breakfasts, any 5 lunches and any 5 dinners. Our 10-meal plan comes with an option of any 5 lunches and any 5 dinners. 

You can also add our delicious snacks to the menu!

How do I change my subscription?

Changing the meals on your subscription is simple.

  1. Sign in
  2. Go to your account.
  3. Click Subscriptions
  4. Click View
  5. Click Edit Subscription
  6. Select new dishes for the week, available From Friday 12 pm.
  7. Click Sign Up Now
  8. Click View Cart
  9. Click Proceed to Checkout
  10. Click Place Order

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

  1. Sign in
  2. Go to your account.
  3. Click Subscriptions
  4. Click View
  5. Click Cancel

At any stage, you can reactivate or resubscribe to our meal plans by going to your account subscriptions.

Is it contract only, am I locked in?

No, we do not lock you into any contract. It is a subscription service as where you can pause or cancel at any time you may need to.


How much food should I order for each delivery? / How long will the food last?

All of our meals are freshly prepared. Our meals are ready to eat / re-heat and have between 5-7 days shelf life. 

Weekly orders will be delivered as follows:  

Monday’s delivery includes meals for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

Wednesday’s delivery includes meals for Thursday and Friday. 

All of our meals (bar salads and some breakfasts) are suitable for freezing and defrosting so feel free to order more than this if you’re looking to stock your freezer. You can also order snacks too!

Is there a minimum order quantity for delivery?

There is a minimum order value of €95.

We deliver our products in durable boxes under chilled conditions to make sure you receive your order in the same condition it leaves our kitchen. Our boxes are designed to secure all of your meals.

Can I order for more than one person?

Yes. Simply order all the food each individual requires in the one order and it will all go out in the same delivery. 

Please Note: If you require the deliveries to go to two different addresses then you will need to place two separate orders and pay a delivery charge for each.

Where do we deliver?

We deliver nationwide, anywhere on the island of Ireland.

What days are deliveries?

Delivery are on Monday’s and Wednesday’s with the exception of bank holidays. On weeks with a bank holiday Monday orders will be delivered on the Tuesday.

What times are deliveries?

Between 9am-6pm Mondays and Wednesdays.

Can you deliver to my home?

No problem, please make sure to include your Eircode. (Unfortunately, we can’t specify exact arrival times due to our carefully planned delivery routes.) You will be notified by text/email regarding the estimated arrival time of your delivery. You will not need to be at home though; your food will be sent out in a durable box with ice packs and will keep cool until you get home.  Simply let us know of a safe place where the driver can leave your box.

Can you deliver to apartments and gated communities?

Yes, we do this for many customers. Either let us know the access code to the main entrance and we’ll leave it outside your door or alternatively you can make arrangements for us to leave it with your concierge.

Can you deliver to my workplace?

Yes, many of our customers find this to be the most convenient option. However, deliveries to offices are obviously best achieved during normal office hours. Please contact us for more information.

Do I need to be in to take delivery of my order?

No. Your food will be sent out in an insulated box/cooler bag with ice packs and will keep cool until you get home.  Simply let us know of a safe place where the driver can leave your box.

If you live in an apartment block or gated complex, simply let us know the access code to the main entrance and we’ll leave it outside your door.

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