Terms of Business


By signing up to our website and purchasing products from Eat Smart Meal Plans, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of sale, which apply to all transactions on eatsmartmealplans.ie. Signing up to the service means we must have the following information:

  • Your address, including the Eircode of the billing address associated with the payment card.
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address, so we can supply you with important information such as your order confirmation or changes to the Eat Smart’s Delivery Service

Eat Smart only sells goods on our website to the end user and they should not, in any manner, be resold without our prior written consent. There shall be two stages of order confirmation. The first shall be the 'on screen confirmation' immediately after the payment has been received, and the second shall be an email to confirm your full order details. It is your responsibility to keep your account password secure.


We are not responsible if information made available on this site is not accurate, complete or current. The material on this site is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon or used as the sole basis for making decisions without consulting primary, more accurate, more complete, or more timely sources of information. Any reliance on the material on this site is at your own risk.


Orders can be placed from 12 noon on Friday for the following weeks orders. If your order is placed after the WEDNESDAY night 11:59pm deadline your order will not be processed until the following week. This means that you will be debited from your account on the initial date of purchase. Don’t worry, we will never over charge you and if this is the case, Eat Smart Meal Plans will owe you a week’s meals. However, if this situation arises, email us at info@eastsmartmealplans.ie and we will try our best to accommodate you.


You must be at least 18 years of age (or a business operated by someone at least 18 years of age) to open an account with us.

You must ensure that the details you provide are complete and accurate, including your delivery instructions.

Any change to your details must be notified to us promptly, by updating your details via your account on our website.

You must notify us immediately if you know or suspect that someone knows your account password and recommend that it is changed immediately via the ‘log into your account’ section of our website.

We reserve the right to require that you change your password and to suspend or cancel your account where we have reason to believe there has been or could be a breach of website security.

You will receive an email notification from us of your account set-up, please keep this email for your records.

The details you provide are governed by our privacy policy.

Your account with Eat Smart Meal Plans is not a credit account and payment will be required prior to your goods being delivered.

It is your responsibility (at your own cost) to obtain the necessary tools and services (computer, telephone, internet connection etc) to access and manage your Eat Smart Meal Plans account.


Orders placed with Eat Smart Meal Plans may be subject to acceptance based upon a minimum spend, which are published on our website. Eat Smart Meal Plans reserves the right to alter the existing, or introduce new minimum spend conditions which will be published our website.

Where the minimum order value is not met, we reserve the right to apply a delivery charge or not to deliver your entire order. Such refusals will be credited in full, however, we will bear no liability for such refusals.

Eat Smart Meal Plans will accept no liability of any kind for matters arising from the consumption of our meal plan, or for any matters arising from the consumption of food produced by Eat Smart Meal Plans that was purchased or acquired outside of these terms and conditions.

Any orders you make on the website will be automatically submitted to us at the order cut off times published in the ‘frequently asked questions’ on our website. You have the ability to alter, amend and cancel your order up until this cut off time and by allowing an order to be submitted to us you confirm that you have made any such corrections and cancellations and enter into a contract to buy the products from us. You cannot then cancel or withdraw your order, or any part of it except for the following reasons:

You are entitled to cancel payment for products where there has been fraudulent use of your payment card (despite the above provisions). Where a fraudulent payment has already been made then you should contact your card issuer for credit back to your card.

We only sell to consumers and you must not resell any products purchased from us.

Where you amend your order of a meal plan to a different meal plan, you accept that the price will change accordingly as displayed on our website.

No order placed online is accepted from us until our website displays an order confirmation message. You will receive an ‘order confirmation’ email and this email should be kept for reference until your order has been delivered and accepted as correct.

While we will endeavour to deliver all accepted orders, our products are subject to availability and we do not always know if a product is or will be available for delivery at the time of accepting an order. If we are unable to deliver an item you have ordered we may offer a reasonable substitute. You may reject this substitute and you will not be charged for it, or where payment has already been taken you will be refunded any amount paid for that item. Where we do not offer a substitute product the item will be removed from your order and again you will not be charged for it, or where payment has already been taken you will be refunded any amount paid for that item. We will bear no liability for the unavailability of our products.

All of the products that we offer are subject to variations in seasonal availability and supply price. Hence, if you set up a regular (repeat) order for a product or products the price of those items will change over time from when you first ordered them. You accept that the price to be paid for all items in your order will be that stated on the website at the time of the order submission as per 3.5.

Where an item has been displayed on our website with an incorrect, erroneous price we reserve the right to remove that item from your order, amend the price to one that is correct or to not deliver the item and refund the price paid.

All prices displayed on the website are inclusive of any applicable taxes and duty (including VAT).


Payment for all Products must be by card as specified on our website. Prices may change from time to time depending on availability and seasonality of produce.

You must ensure that Eat Smart Meal Plans is supplied with a suitable and agreeable means by which to obtain payment.

We reserve the right to refuse deliveries to you and to cancel your account where payment(s) have been withheld. You agree to compensate us in full for all reasonable costs and expenses (including legal costs) in obtaining payments that have not been made in accordance with these terms and conditions.

When products are ordered by a customer and full payment has not been received in advance of delivery Eat Smart Meal Plans reserves the right to charge that customer’s card until full payment has been received.


Prices for our products are subject to change without notice.

We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time.

We shall not be liable to you or to any third-party for any modification, price change, suspension, or discontinuance of the Service.


For all of our customers, Eat Smart Meal Plans will bill the credit/debit card that we have on file on every week on the same day that the first purchase was made. By subscribing to our service, you are agreeing to pay recurring periodic payments for an indefinite period of time until the subscription is cancelled by you, or us in some cases. You will not receive any notice in advance of this weekly payment transaction from your account, but you will receive post-payment confirmation by email. It is your responsibility to maintain current, valid payment information with Eat Smart Meal Plans. If your automatic recurring payment is refused at any stage, you will be contacted by phone or email. If we cannot make contact with you or do not receive a response, we cannot guarantee that your meals will be delivered.


Once your meal plan order has been completed, you have until 11.59pm on Wednesday if you want to cancel or alter your order. If you wish to do either of these, an email must be sent to info@eatsmartmealplans.ie before the given time so we have time to reprocess the fee and reimburse you. Cancellation or amendments to your order after this time are non-refundable due to your order containing perishable foods.

If an order is made in error, we need to be notified within 1 hour in order to cancel.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason with your first day of meals, you must inform us the first day of delivery in writing.


Deliveries for Eat Smart Meal Plans are made by drivers who are contracted by Eat Smart Meal Plans to do so, these drivers are not employees of Eat Smart Meal Plans.

Once delivery has been made, the customer accepts responsibility for the meal and cannot hold Eat Smart Meal Plans accountable for any issues after delivery has been made.

If delivery is left in a "safe place” for a customer who is not home or cannot accept delivery, the customer accepts responsibility for the meals and cannot hold Eat Smart accountable for any external factor that may affect the meals (temperature, weather etc) once delivery has been made.

Our site is only intended for use by people resident within the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We aim to be able to deliver products throughout the island of Ireland but if you fall outside of our current delivery area we will inform you immediately and fully refund any payment you have made.

We reserve the right not to deliver to all locations, or not to deliver all products to all locations. You will be notified during the account creation process if we are unable to deliver to your address.

We will deliver to the address stated in your Eat Smart Meal Plans account.

It is your responsibility to make suitable arrangements to receive your delivery. The delivery details section of your account is important due to the perishable nature of our products that you arrange a safe place for delivery to be made.

Once your delivery has been made, you will accept that you are in possession of the delivered goods. Where the delivery instructions have been followed; we will not accept any liability for damage to, or theft of your goods, nor will we accept any liability for any incidents which may arise as a result of the theft or damage to such goods.

Any perishable food delivered by us will be delivered in insulated packaging, with frozen pouches to keep the produce below 5°C. It is imperative that you keep the package sealed until such time as you can transfer the contents to a suitable refrigerator. Where these instructions have not been followed; we will not accept any liability for any detriment to the quality or safety of our food.

You must inspect your goods as soon as possible after delivery and notify us immediately of any errors. We will refund you for any products you receive that were not ordered, are faulty, have been substituted with a product that is unacceptable to you or that were delivered without us following these terms and conditions. However, such liability will be limited to the value of the erroneous and / or undelivered goods.

In order to maximise efficiency and reduce food miles, your orders will be delivered on a set day of the week. We will aim to keep these days fixed; however, we reserve the right to change them (either temporarily or permanently) and we will notify you of any such changes

The time that your order is delivered on that day will vary week on week depending on traffic, weather and the number of deliveries to be made that day. If ordering regularly, you may notice that your delivery occurs at a similar time each week, however, we make no guarantee of this time and accept no liability for inconvenience or loss as a result of a deviation from it.

We cannot accept liability for any inconvenience or loss where we are unable to deliver to you, or deliver to you late for reasons beyond our control (e.g. adverse weather, vehicle breakdown, traffic congestion, strike actions, supplier failures).


Whilst we do everything we can to ensure an excluded ingredient is not contained within your meal. The meals are made in a facility that handles gluten, nuts, eggs, soya, sesame, celery, and dairy products so we cannot guarantee that traces of these ingredients will not be present in the meals.

If you have a specific allergy, it is your duty to read all the ingredients prior to consuming any of the meals prepared by Eat Smart Meal Plans.


Storage Instructions:

Remove the meals from your chilled package and place in the fridge as soon as possible. Keep below 5 degrees and consume before the best before date stated on the label.

Heating Instruction:

Our trays are microwave friendly. Pierce the plastic film covering your meal before placing it in the microwave for 3 minutes, or until piping hot.


If events outside of our reasonable control cause the failure to perform, or delay in performance of any of the obligations under our Contract, Eat Smart Meal Plans will not be liable or take responsibility for this.

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